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Tasmania has a variety of climatic conditions and soil types packed into its 90,758 sq km. The western side of the main island is wet, while the east lives in a rain shadow. The main agricultural regions – north-west, north-east, east and south – provide opportunities for a range of farming options.


Tasmania’s eastern region features five national parks with spectacular landscapes and long beautiful beaches. It boasts a climate ideal for orchards and vineyards and full-flavoured beef and lamb raised on seaside pastures.

Tasmania’s north is somewhat drier but has been shown to be perfect for vineyards, cattle and sheep farming.

Tasmania’s north-west, which includes King Island, has some of the richest soils on earth and plentiful rainfall. It is ideal for vegetable growing, dairying and beef cattle.

Tasmania’s south has a variety of micro climates, with the Huon and Derwent valleys ideal for a diversity of crops, including apples and cherries.