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Terrence Rattray

Since 1995 the Rattray family have been carefully hand-selecting potatoes grown on their certified organic Anchor Farm at Pyengana in Tasmania’s North East Highlands, for distribution to discerning customers nationwide.

As demand for their product has grown they have found that the majority of their crops are being sold to conventional markets where it is actually requested that the packaging does not include reference to the organic status.

Market forces have driven Anchor Farm to diversify to grow not just certified organic produce at their Anchor Rd farm, but also conventional potatoes and swedes at their new farm, The Powers, using sensible methods that combine the benefits of conventional farming with the best of organic principles that aid fertility and harness true nutrition and flavour!

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Bintjes, Blue Zarr, Pinkeye, King Edward, Kipfler, Nicola, Viking, Pink Fur, Purple Congo, Dutch Cream, Organics & unique varieties

1kg Gourmet Washed Potato pre-packs
1 kg Peruvian Gold
2kg Washed or Brushed Potato pre-packs
2Kg Dutch Cream Potato pre-packs
2kg King Edward Potato pre-packs
2kg mr chips
10kg Paper Sack for Loose Potatoes

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