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We produce cheese from the milk of our goats, who have been raised on our farm, Leap Farm, located in the idyllic hills of the lower east coast of Tasmania. Our priorities are happy, healthy animals, which makes our cheese taste better. We are commit

Our goats cheese is handmade, on farm, from the milk of our Swiss Toggenburg goats, raised on Leap Farm. We focus on producing a small selection of traditional, european-style cheeses which are sold to the public for direct consumption and also to an extensive list of restaurants in Tasmania. Some cheese are also sold to restaurants interstate, occasionally.

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CURDY: Our Curdy is the most versatile and simple of our cheeses. It's a fresh goat curd that is best eaten soon after purchase. We use this cheese in everything - for breakfast on toast, to pizza and pastas, lunchtime salads, and even on a baked spud. As it isn't salted, it can also be used in sweet recipes, such as muffins and cakes. Check out our recipes page if you need some inspiration.

CAPRIS: The Capris is simply the Curdy, but salted and hooped. It retains its form as a small round cheese and presents well on cheese platters. This is a soft lactic curd cheese with a fresh texture and a consistent mild taste.

BLOOM: This cheese features a white, bloomy rind, which encases the soft, creamy textured cheese. Its cows milk equivalent is a brie, but when made with goats milk, it is much cleaner and whiter. The Bloom continues to mature in its packaging. The mould and different cultures produce a unique and mild flavour, which alters as it matures. It should be served at room temperature, so make sure you pull it out of the fridge at least an hour before serving.

ZOE: This is a fresh lactic curd cheese, with an aroma of a ripened cheese. The centre is creamy white encased in a smooth rind is wrinkly (you really need to see it to understand). Although it is only matured for 7-10 days, it packs a flavour punch a "geotrichum bomb". Again, serve at room temperature.

BILLY: This cheese is a cooked curd, semi-hard, washed rind cheese (what a mouthful!), that is cared for daily to help it mature into a unique alpine-style cheese. It develops an aromatic flavour and smooth texture, reminiscent of the earth and pasture on which the goats forage.

BIG B: The Big B is Billy's big brother. Pictured above, it is a large round cheese weighing 800g-1kg that matures for at least 3 months and can then be hand-cut into wedges. The Big B is made with the same technique as the Billy, but it develops a more subtle set of flavours over the longer maturing period.

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