The Two Metre Tall Company

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2862 Lyell Highway

Ashley and Jane Huntington

Fiercely independent, we seek flavour, sustainability & truth of origin in the food we grow & make!

We are farmers brewing farmhouse ales & ciders in unique batches using farm grown ingredients from our own 600ha property in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania as well as ingredients sourced directly from farmers across the state.

 Barrel aging, spontaneous fermentations, experimentation and everything in between. Fruit in ale, sour cherries and more. 

Charlemont' is the name of our 600 ha farm on the banks of the Derwent River in southern Tasmania.  Just a short 40 minute drive from the heart of Hobart along the road towards the north west.  With just 20 inches average annual rainfall, our farm provides some rural challenges. Fortunately the plentiful Derwent River provides a bountiful water supply.

 We are a stone's throw from the historic hop fields at Bushy Park.

 We grow grain, hops & raise our herd of Black Angus/Wagyu cattle.

The old shearing shed was converted to house our brewery back in 2008.  The brewhouse itself used to be the St. Ives brewery in Battery Point, Hobart, installed back in the late 1980s. Rehoused on our farm, the old kettle & tanks are lovingly nurtured to life to help us on our journey to find a unique estate brewed beer.




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Real Ale, Cider

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