Pure Foods Eggs Pty Ltd



0458 020 040
Int. +61 458 020 040

6-16 Fawkner Avenue
Kings Meadows 7249 TAS

Tim Russell-Jarvie

Since incorporating in 1988, Pure Foods Eggs has since expanded to become Tasmania’s premier egg producer, marketer and distributor. The company directly employs around 50 Tasmanians.

As a major supplier to significant retail
outlets such as Coles, Woolworths and IGA.
We know the importance of growing long lasting
relationships with everyone along
our supply chain and also, ultimately, you the
consumer. That’s why, in all our practices, we
subscribe to Corporate Social Responsibility
in the marketplace, workplace, environment
and the community.
Pure foods eggs are 100% quality guaranteed.

Brand or product names

Valley Brook Free Range
700gm, 600gm and Twin 350gm
Devil Appeal Free Range 700gm
Aberfeldy Barn Laid
700gm, 600gm and Twin 350gm
McGrath Foundation Barn Laid 600gm
The Good Egg Cage
900gm, 700gm, 600gm and Twin 350gm
Tassie’s Own Cage
860gm, 800gm, 700gm, 600gm, 500gm
Available in dozen egg packs, 12 packs
per carton despatched in shelf ready shippers.
70gm, 65gm, 59gm, 50gm and
45gm individual sizes. Available
loose in 15 dozen cartons.