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Margate 7054 TAS

Yves Ginat

Miellerie means “the house of honey” in French. Yves Ginat, a Frenchman now living in Tasmania has a love for bees, honey and Tasmanian native flora.

Yves began keeping bees as a young boy in France. He has brought his techniques with him, and says of our honey, “it is a subtle marriage of French tradition and Tasmanian flowers”. Miellerie honey is pure, natural, raw honey: unprocessed and unheated, maintaining optimum natural aroma, health qualities, and characteristic crystals. Yves applies biodynamic beekeeping principles to nurture the harmony of bees and nature, composing exquisite aromas, flavour and vitality into lustrous honey.

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Brand or product names

Miellerie The House of Honey. Product names:

  • Leatherwood
  • Lake Pedder’s Nectar
  • Prickly Box
  • Blue Gum
  • Tea Tree


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