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Andrew Fist

Kooee! All Natural Snacks is based in Tasmania, Australia. But – the journey actually started in the USA. Founder Andy Fist, a Tasmanian, was working in New York City for outdoor events company Tough Mudder.

He started running with compatriot Shaun Malligan, who eventually confessed that his hobby of crafting healthy jerky was spinning out of control, and rapidly becoming his main occupation.

Eventually this passion turned into KOOEE!, and Shaun continues to grow KOOEE! in the USA. Andy eventually moved back to Tasmania, bought a factory, and started making KOOEE! products on home soil (sounds simple, but it took 2 years!).

We’re now regulars at Tasmanian Farmers’ Markets, and we’ve been delighted to receive lots of support from the local community.

Kooee Snacks has developed an all natural high protein snacks for the Australian health/fitness market. 

Good nutrition is an important part of an active lifestyle, but it isn’t easy, especially when most snacks are full of sugar and preservatives.

KOOEE! started out on our kitchen table with just some grass-fed beef and the belief that we could make good snacks for our friends and family. Things have changed since that humble original batch, but our idea remains the same—jerky can be healthy. Marinated in a unique blend of delicious spices, coconut aminos, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and sea salt, our 100% grass-fed beef jerky is free from added sugar, nitrates, preservatives and anything artificial.

We use Cape Grim Beef, raised free-range and 100% Grass-Fed in Tasmania. It is simply the highest quality beef on the market (you might get to try some if you’re lucky enough to fly QANTAS First Class). Our Apple Cider Vinegar is produced locally by Spreyton Fresh.

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