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Christine Phillips

Jansz Tasmania is a pioneer of deluxe sparkling wine in Australia. With a sole focus on sparkling, it’s produced to perfection.

Located in the Pipers River region of the Tamar Valley, the Jansz vineyard enjoys a cool climate almost identical to France’s Champagne region. In fact, it was originally with French contribution that Jansz became Tasmania’s first sparkling made using the traditional méthode champenoise. Today we call it, Méthode Tasmanoise. It’s the essence of a partnership between the winemaker and the unforgiving yet breathtaking Tasmanian environment. Just as the cool Tasmanian climate creates spectacular beauty in nature, it is also instrumental in the creation of art in bottles. The vineyard speaks through each of these wines. Wines that are individual expressions of their birthplace. Wines that are simply cool climate art. Adjacent to the vineyard, and overlooking a picturesque lake, the Jansz Tasmania Wine Room offers visitors the opportunity to be guided through a tasting of the sparkling wine range and discover why this is the most highly regarded sparkling wine house in Australia.

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Brand or product names

  • Jansz Tasmania Premium Cuvée
  • Jansz Tasmania Premium Rosé
  • Jansz Tasmania Vintage Cuvée
  • Jansz Tasmania Vintage Rosé
  • Jansz Tasmania Late Disgorged Vintage Cuvée
  • Jansz Tasmania Single Site Vintage Cuvée


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