Island Curries

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Rob Mollross

Cooking traditional Indian curries is an art, and it takes many years of experience to know how to mix spices together to produce an authentic tasting curry. Now all you need to do is use a paste from Island Curries to create a gourmet quality meal at home.

Island Curries is a relatively new preservative free range of curry pastes which are produced with a focus on quality not quantity. The pure quality alone results in not having any bulking or filling agents whatsoever, therefore, the curry pastes are fully packed with 100% pure flavour. This fact alone enables a 100g packet of Island Curry Paste to be a substantial addition to 1kg of any meat, fish or vegetables.

Many aromatic spices such as coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom seeds and pepper corns are ground freshly on production day, thus keeping flavours as fresh as possible.

Island Curries offers 7 distinct flavours which may be mixed with any meats, fish or vegetable dishes, are completely free from all preservatives, additives and colourings and are adaptable for the whole family to use, as the chilli is added whilst cooking.

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Brand Name: Island Curries