House of Fudge Pty Ltd

0456 209 821
Int. +61 456 209 821

310 Lookout Road
Port Arthur 7182 TAS

Eben Smith

A national award winning Port Arthur based business with a focus on Tasmanian branding and exceptional taste.

Our Port Arthur based business focuses on producing high quality fudge, complemented by exceptional packaging and branding. We would like the fudge to soon be sold in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.

Product list

> Tasmanian Devil (vanilla and chocolate)
> Tasmanian Tiger (caramel and chocolate)
> Roasted Coffee
> Choc Raspberry
> Classic Chocolate
> Salted Caramel
> Chocolate Mint
> Macadamia Nut
> Ginger
> Chilli Chocolate
> Coconut Ruff
> Rocky Road

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