Get Shucked

0428 606 250
Int. +61 428 606 250

1650 Bruny Island Main Road, Great Bay

Joe and Nicole Bennett

Get Shucked produces oysters of outstanding quality, sustainable cultivated in the pristine waters of Great Bay, Bruny Island.

Get Shucked buys oysters that are about 40mm long from Tasmanian nursery farms, and then uses the pristine waters of the D’Entrecasteaux channel to fatten them into 70mm+ nuggets of briny meat, ready for the table! The oysters are suspended from long float lines in trays and filter nutrients from the water 24 hours a day until they’re ready to be harvested. The process takes roughly 6-12 months and the end product is a full-bodied, sweet-flavoured, Pacific oyster. Our leases are situated right in the centre of Great Bay. This means that our oysters are ideally positioned to filter the tides and currents that wash through the bay, and which provide a rich amount of nutrient for the oysters to feed on.

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