Forager Foods Pty Ltd

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95 Montana Road
Red Hills 7304 TAS

John Ranicar

Forager Foods Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian owned and based company that predominantly manufactures and markets a range of freeze dried products.

Forager fruits™ are the first snacks in a new range of natural, healthy and above all, tasty snacks for Forager Foods Pty. Ltd.

We ‘Foragers’ live and work in the most beautiful place on Earth: Tasmania, Australia. We are farmers and parents. It was our frustration at the lack of really truly tasty, natural and healthy snacks available for on-the-go kids (and their mums) which made us develop these products.

We leave the apple peel on our Forager fruits™ because it’s packed full of flavour, fibre and antioxidants. To make our snacks we select only the very best Tasmanian-grown apples, washing, wedging, freezing and snap-drying them. This means that the flavour is beautifully preserved, they are full of goodness and perfectly crunchy. For some of our range, we dipped the apple wedges in Tasmanian-grown Raspberry or Blackcurrant fruit juice (for colour and extra zing!). Freeze drying preserves the harvest-fresh flavour and develops the crunch factor!

We are very proud that we have made and packed Forager fruits™ ourselves, and we hope you enjoy them.

Brand or product names

  • 100% apples, 100% from Tasmania, free from gluten, sulphur-free, added sugar, artificial/added colours or flavours, and free from water!
  • Forager Fruits 100% Tasmanian Crunchy Dried Apple Wedges
  • Forager Fruits 100% Tasmanian Crunchy Dried Apple Wedges coated in Raspberry
  • Forager Fruits 100% Tasmanian Crunchy Dried Apple Wedges coated with Blackcurrant