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James Madden

James Madden and his father David  run a small boutique meat processing facility on Flinders Island, halfway between Wilsons Promontory in Victoria and the NE Coast of Tasmania.

We are smack bang in middle of the roaring forties, notorious for their ferocious winds, but also the same airstream that has been measured as having the cleanest air in the world.On our isolated island home we liaise closely with farmers to specialize in small quantity, seasonal boutique produce, and service only the best restaurants throughout the east coast of Australia. The pastures on Flinders Island benefit from the high winds that cross thousands of kilometres of ocean, and rise to lightly dust the grasses with a gentle covering of sea salt - it is this extra seasoning to our pastures that gives our special Prime Lamb, Milk Fed Lamb, and Pasture Fed Wallaby products a distinctive taste that you can't find anywhere else. Have you tried Flinders Island Meat yet?

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Brand names – Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb, Flinders Island Milk Fed Lamb, Flinders Island Pasture Fed Wallaby

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