ECS Botanics Pty Ltd

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Int. +61 419 323 059

Cressy 7301 TAS

Alexander Keach

Industrial hemp seed grower and hemp food brand

ECS Botanics is in the process of establishing a leading hemp food and personal care business. The raw material is to be grown in Tasmania on our own farm then processed and manufactured in Tasmania.
Our introductory products include hemp hearts (dehulled seeds), hemp flour and hemp seed oil. The branding is in development and our first crop is being planted in October 2018. We have trademarked our name and logo in Australia and our brand name in China and South Korea. ECS Botanics has a strong board, advisory board and executive team, furthermore the company is well capitalised and positioned strongly for growth. Our aim is to transition our products to being chemical free and eventually organic.

Product list

  • Hemp Hearts (bulk and retail products)
  • Hemp Oil (bulk and retail products)
  • Hemp Protein Powder (bulk products)
  • Hemp Flour (bulk products)
  • Other Hemp Retail Products (please refer to website)