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Peter Youil

Our core business is originating and transforming malting barley into malt for the brewing, distilling, baking and other food related industries.

Cargill Malt acquired Joe White Maltings in 2013. The Joe White Maltings brand is highly regarded domestically and internationally in the brewing and distilling industry. The business was established in 1858 in Ballarat Victoria during the gold rush. Today, Joe White Maltings is the largest Australian maltster with seven production facilities spread across Australia's prime barley growing regions. Joe White Maltings has had a long association with Tasmania dating back to 1928, when the founder Joe White assisted in the establishment of a Tasmanian barley growers pool in association with barley merchants. Our malting facility in Devonport was opened in 1967, which today supplies Tasmanian malt to the Cascade Brewery and to world class Tasmanian distillers and craft brewers. Joe White Maltings is the only maltster remaining in Tasmania. Our goal is to promote Tasmania's clean air and water, natural beauty and reputation for high quality local produce through our products both domestically and internationally.

Brand or product names

Joe White Maltings - Pale Malt
Joe White Maltings - Munich Malt
Joe White Maltings - Ale Malt
Joe White Maltings - Vienna Malt
Joe White Maltings - Signature Brewer's Malt
Joe White Maltings - Signature Ale Malt