Cape Grim Water

02 8215 1534
Int. +61 2 8215 1534

159 Bass Highway
Cooee 7320 Tasmania

Petra Maher

Cape Grim Water collects, stores and bottles the world's purest rainwater.

Cape Grim is located on the north-west tip of Tasmania in close proximity to the CSIRO Baseline Air Pollution Station. The next landmass directly west of Cape Grim is not Africa, but the southern tip of Argentina, over 16,000kms away. The south-westerly winds that make their way to Cape Grim from Antarctica and the Indian Ocean hit no significant land mass.

The Cape Grim facility has a strict hygiene and maintenance program and only collects and stores rainwater when the prevailing winds drive the rain from the south-west.

Cape Grim Water is bottled in Tasmania and is available in both glass and PET bottles. Cape Grim Water is sold in fine dining establishments throughout Australia and worldwide.

Brand or product names

  • 750 ml Still Pure Water
  • 750 ml Sparkling Pure Water
  • 1.5 lt Still Pure Water
  • 375 ml Still Pure Water
  • 375 ml Sparkling Pure Water
  • 500ml Still Pure Water

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