Candy Ab

0419 562 716
Int. +61 419 562 716

1388 Tasman Highway
Cambridge 7170 TAS

Mike Vecchione

Producer of high end dried greenlip and blacklip abalone for both domestic sales to all states of Australia and export into SE Asia.

Candy Ab began operations late 2011 as a direct result of the devastation caused by the Japanese Tsunami that destroyed the worlds best supply of dried abalone. Candy Ab is being regarded as a producer able attain the same high end standards of Japanese production.

Candy Ab harvests only wild caught abalone from the cleanest greenest waters from all the coasts of Tasmania. Our product is produced with abalone and sea salt, no other ingredient, totally natural.

Candy Ab has set up on the water side of the Barilla Bay Oyster site adjacent to Hobart Airport where together with Barilla Bay offer visitor experiences with tours, tastings and direct sales.

Partner - CANDY AB

Brand or product names

  • CANDY AB Wild Caught Dried Greenlip Abalone
  • CANDY AB Wild Caught Dried Blacklip Abalone
  • CANDY AB Gift Packed Dried Abalone
  • CANDY AB Pre-Cooked Dried Abalone in Sous Vide bags.
  • CANDY AB Pre-Cooked Dried Abalone Gift Pack.

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