Boks Bacon

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39 Chapel St
Glenorchy 7010 TAS

Marcus Boks

Boks Bacon is an original Dutch family small-goods maker with over 80 years' experience specialising in unique quality small-goods products.

Boks Bacon is a long established Tasmanian company (three Dutch generations) that currently supplies high end small-goods to both interstate and Tasmanian markets. We supply gourmet bacon, ham and sausage products. Our products use only the very best and freshest Tasmanian ingredients (e.g. Scottsdale paddock bred pork, locally sourced beef, lamb, venison, duck, chicken, fresh herbs, spices and cheeses).

Boks Bacon is dry cured, cold smoked using an old Dutch recipe brought to Tasmania in the 1950s by the original Boks family. Dry curing involves a mix of salt and sugar hand rubbed into prime pork loins, resulting in no added water, unlike the majority of bacon on the market. Boks Premium Ham has an unrivaled reputation for flavour and quality. It is woodfire smoked with Tasmanian Oak.

The Art of Sausage - Marcus Boks our master charcutier, developed this range of sausages that is unique, flavoursome and healthy.

Product list

  • Wood fire smoked dry cured traditional bacon
  • Wood fire smoked dry cured leatherwood honey bacon
  • Wood fire smoked dry cured bush honey bacon
  • Wood fire smoked dry cured streaky bacon
  • Range of wood fired hams
  • Wood fire smoked honey chicken breast
  • Range of gourmet artisan sausages
  • "The Art of Sausage" range:
         > Pork
         > Beef
         > Lamb
         > Venison
         > Duck
         > Chicken